Alright, let’s get into this. Just because you don’t like the show or people pretending to be characters or whatever doesn’t mean you have to right to insult them. If you don’t like the show, why are you here? No need to abuse people just because they like a show you don’t. If people like to roleplay as other characters but you don’t, ignore the posts. Role players are everywhere nowadays. If people ask if the spices are real, you can kindly tell them that they’re just fictional. You don’t need to call them idiots, dummies, stupid, etc. Besides, what’s your point in bullying those people? Do you gain something from it? No, not anything good, at least. You only gain negative attention and the feeling you’re better than your victims, which is pretty much a big, fat lie. So cut it out, move on with life, do whatever you want. Just stop being rude, insensitive, whatever. Thank you.

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