The Pluot Festival is a festival that takes place every year in Saffron Falls, honoring the pluot, a fruit created by crossing the plum and apricot. The latest one was the 50th annual festival that took place sometime before May. The festival is full of games, booths, and rides like the Ferris wheel. There's also a play with kids who dress up as plums and apricots and describe what pluots are and how they came to be. Buddy participated in the play at the latest festival.

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During the first festival held in 1965, Chuck mysteriously went missing due to a spell gone wrong. Becky, Gina, and Ida had cooked up a magical caramel apple recipe to make Chuck forget about magic. When Becky and Chuck went onto the Ferris wheel, Becky handed the apple to him. However, the recipe didn't do its job. Instead, it made Chuck disappear out of thin air.

Willy, Chuck's best friend saw the event happen, but he had no clue as to the real reason behind Chuck's disappearance, as he had no knowledge of magic. Willy was the last person to take a picture of Chuck, which later showed up in the Saffron Falls newspaper. After Chuck had vanished, the girls tried strenuously to bring him back with more recipes, but nothing worked. Eventually, they had to accept the fact that Chuck was gone.

A sign that was at the 50th Pluot Festival

During the 50th annual festival, a curse was put upon the entire population of Saffron Falls due to Mama P's selfishness for lifting her own curse off of her. The girls managed to make a triple-layer-cake made of three key ingredients and lift the curse off of Saffron Falls. However, Mama P escaped the town and ran off to Paris, and opened up a new business there.

Mama P was glad to be away from the town, but her happiness. didn't last long. After Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah cooked a Settle the Beef Sandwich, Mama P was lured back to Saffron Falls and ended up staying there for the sake of reviving her cafe. Jake began to work there again, and it took some work for Mama P to regain the town's trust, but eventually, everything was back to normal again.

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