Rose Peizer is a supporting character in Season 2 of Just Add Magic. She is Chuck's sister and a former protector of the Cookbook.

Appearance Edit

Rose has shoulder-length curly brown hair and brown eyes. She is a short young girl, usually seen wearing Victorian-style clothes, such as collared blouses and long pastel colored dresses.

History Edit

Rose was born in 1857. She is the younger sister to Charles Peizer and daughter to Albert Peizer, as well as an unnamed mother. The family lived on the Peizer Estate in Saffron Falls.

Some point in the 1860s, Rose and Charles came across the Cookbook, and became the new protectors of it. Together, they created many recipes together and had fun, bringing their relationship closer. However, this all came to an end when Charles let his selfishness over the cookbook get the best of him.

On November 19th, 1868, Charles decided to cook a magic mulberry pie that would grant him and his sister immortality, so they could be the protectors of the book forever. The downside to the spell was that Rose would become trapped in the book until Charles could figure out a way to get her out. The spell trapped her in the book, granting her immortality, but not the way she intended.

Rose stayed in the book until 2017 when Charles, now going by Chuck, freed her with the help of Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah, the current protectors of the book. After she was brought back, she went back to her regular timeline with her brother and lived out her life. A park in Saffron Falls was later named after her. According to the plaque in Rose Peizer Park, she lived to the age of 82.

Relationships Edit

Chuck Hankins Edit

Chuck, who went by Charles at the time, was Rose's elder brother. The two were chosen to be protectors of the book, which brought them closer together. In the end, they became separated due to an immortality spell gone wrong. However, Chuck manages to fix the spell over a hundred years later, thanks to Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah, and they are able to live out their lives.

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