Spice See Carrot Sticks. Edit

This recipe was used by Kelly, Hannah and Darbie only one time in the episode Just Add Plants. It was used to identify the spices which were harvested by them in specific colors. Edit

Ingredients: Edit

  • 1 carrot
  • Taurian Pepper Flakes
  • Grunde Salt

Directions: Edit

Take a carrot. Edit

Thinly slice it into thin, but long pieces. Edit

Now, sprinkle Taurian pepper flakes and Grunde Salt. Edit

Spice See Carrot Sticks Color KeyEdit

Spice Family                        Color
Carnejian                              Brown

Cedronian                             Pink

Elysian                                  Gold

Galifrazian                            Yellow

Gründe                                 Salmon

Kalimba                                Maroon
Lapsus                                 Lime green
Livonian                               Blue
Merwaldian                          Teal 
Morbium                              Orange
Night Blooming                   Purple
Parquinnien                         Silver
Taurian                                Auburn
Tengu                                  Light blue
Theban                                Black
Werpoes                              Red
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