Spice See Carrot Sticks is a recipe cooked by Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie in Just Add Plants to identify which families the spices they were growing belonged to.

ingredients 16 chopped carrots into rectangles, grunde salt, taurian pepper

downside it only lasts 24 hours

Color Key[edit | edit source]

Spice Family Color
Atlantian aqua
Calangate Peach
Carnejian Brown
Cedronian Pink
Darios Seafoam green
Elysian Gold
Galifrazian Yellow
Gründe Salmon
Kalimba Maroon
Lapsus Lime green
Livonian Blue
Lunar Grey
Maisian White
Merwaldiabn Teal
Morbium Orange
Nakian Sun
Night-Blooming Purple
Parquinnien Silver
Romany Indigo
Sesper Magenta
Sincian Violet
Taurian Auburn
Tengu Light blue
Theban Black
Vulcan Bronze
Werpoes Red
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