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Springtown Coffee is a coffeehouse in Saffron Falls opened up by Erin after Mama P sold Mama P's.


The coffeehouse is very modern with polished hardwood floors and posh seating. A shelf next to the register counter holds a variety of cold food items such as bottled juices, pre-pacakaged sandwiches, fruit cups, and salads.


Corporate manager from Lavender Heights, Erin decides to take up Mama P on her offer on Mama P's. After Mama P closes up her cafe indefinitely and goes on vacation to The Bahamas, Erin brings her team into the cafe and begins her plans to open a Springtown Coffee in its place. It becomes a success within Saffron Falls almost instantly. All of the food at the coffeehouse is cooked in Lavender Heights and shipped every morning. Springtown sells a variety of items such as various kinds of coffee and tea, as well as cold juices, sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, and yogurt parfaits, all of which are pre-packaged. Along with food, the coffeehouse also sells reusable mugs and its own, packaged coffee to make at home.



Springtime is not quite here...but Springtown Coffee is right here.