Terri Quinn is the mother of Kelly Quinn and Buddy Quinn. She is also the wife of Scott Quinn and Becky Quinn's daughter in-law. She appears in a majority of the episodes, however she is absent a couple of them. Terri is portrayed by Catia Ojeda.

Appearance Edit

Terri has fair skin and wavy brown hair with caramel highlights. Her hair reaches just up to her shoulders. Her eyes are hazel colored and her nose is sharp and curved. Usually she is seen wearing patterned tops, sleeveless tops and sweaters.

Personality Edit

Terri is a very laid-back, yet loving mother. She cares very deeply for her children, as well as her husband. She stood by with her husband when his mother was sick, and was willing to take her to doctors and specialists to see what was wrong with her. She still managed to get through with everything and keep track of her kids. Terri also likes to joke sometimes. When Kelly and her friends starting freaking out because of a TV show, Terri rushed in to ensure everything was okay, and joked that hopefully she wouldn't have to call an ambulance. Terri is also very hard-working and goal oriented. She is currently the mayor of Saffron Falls, and she stayed on track and was determined when she was running for mayor. She gave a speech and was willing to take criticism and help from her daughter.

History Edit

Prior to meeting Scott, Terri started dating an artist when she was studying at an art school in Florence. However, the relationship wasn't serious and most likely ended very quickly.

When Terri finished high school, she and Scott started dating around 19. Scott was Terri's first serious boyfriend. They would lounge around all day, watch movies and play video games. Terri was very laid-back in her past, and became a little more strict when she became a mom, however she is still open-minded.

When Terri was in her 20s, she got married to Scott and had Kelly and Buddy. When Kelly was born-Kelly is 14- she was 24, and when Buddy was born-he is 9- she was 29.

Relationships Edit

Kelly Quinn

Scott Quinn

Buddy Quinn

Becky Quinn

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