The Cookbook is a magical book filled with an infinite number of recipes that can do almost anything. The Cookbook has existed for thousands of years and its intention is simply to be a gift, but it must be used responsibly.

The book contains many recipes that can have multiple uses. These magical recipes can do something as little as healing a hurt ankle, to something as serious as freezing time itself. This book is extremely powerful, which is why it requires strong and responsible protectors. The book can do great harm in the wrong hands. It can tear friendships apart or bring them closer together. Protectors help protect the book from people who want to use it to hurt people.


The book has a dark brown leather cover. The front of the Cookbook has a gold symbol surrounded by four gold swirls. The emblem consists of three ornate pieces of silverware, a fork, knife and spoon overlapping each other. Inside of the book are thousands upon thousands of pages filled with magical recipes, all of which are frayed and torn on the edges due to the age of the book.


The book was likely to be created some point before the 1500s. The Traveler stated that "the magic in this book is thousands of years old." It is not known who created it, but clues point to the Traveler, as she is most likely immortal, until she sacrificed her body to wipe Chuck's mind temporarily.


The first known protectors, Charles Peizer and Rose Peizer came to be the book's protectors around 1868. The siblings remained its protectors until Charles abused its power by cooking a mulberry pie to make him and his sister immortal, trapping Rose in the Cookbook in the process. Afterward, Charles was not able to touch the book anymore as he had evil intentions, and it moved on to the new set of protectors.

After the siblings, the Cookbook moved onto three protectors instead of two so that a situation like Charles' would not happen again. The next three known protectors were Ian Maddox and brothers Clint and Folsom Wesson in 1875. They created the Sourd'Au, which ended up being responsible for the brothers' greed, causing Ian and Charles to team up to hide the starter used for the recipe. They hid clues throughout Bay City so that the next protector who finds it will be able to destroy it completely.


The OC's swearing to never let the book come between them.

Decades later, a woman known as Aunt Pixie is presumed to be a protector of the Cookbook around the early 1900s, seeing as she created the Find Your Key Lime Pie.

The next known protectors of the book were three teenagers, Rebecca "Becky" Quinn, Gina Silvers, and Ida Perez "Mama P", now known as the OC’s. The trio was gifted the book by the Traveler herself during a field trip to the Cedros Forest when they were about 14 years old. Charles, who is now known as Chuck Hankins, discovered them as the protectors of the book, so he befriended them so that he could be close to the magic. He attempted to take advantage of the magic and use it to lift the spell on Rose but he failed. The young protectors wanted Chuck to forget about magic so they cooked Can't Recall Caramel and Becky gave it to him on the Ferris wheel at the Pluot Festival. However, this magic interfered with his immortality spell, causing the entire spell to go wrong. As a result, Chuck completely vanished into thin air. The protectors tried for many months to get Chuck back, but unfortunately, nothing they tried work. Eventually, the book began to tear the girls apart to the point that Gina and Ida cursed each other. Becky was fed up with everything so she used her Morbium to separate the Cookbook from the three of them, severing their protectorship.

Years later in 1996, three high school students named RJ White, Nöelle Jasper, and Caroline Palmer came to become the book's protectors. Since Becky used her Morbium to sever the OC's connection to the book, it was not fully ready to move on yet which is why the new protectors it chose ended up being very reckless and irresponsible. The trio did not understand the magic well and only used it for meaningless pranks. They were known as the in-betweeners since they were protectors between the OC's and Kelly and the girls. After graduating from high school, it is presumed that the book moved on from the trio.


The Cookbook moving on from Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah.

The next protectors of the Cookbook were Kelly Quinn, Hannah Parker-Kent, and Darbie O'Brien. The three of them remained its protectors for about a year. Together, they cooked many spells and solved the mystery of Chuck Hankins. With the help of the OC's, they successfully broke Rose's spell and let Chuck and Rose return to their own timeline to live out their lives. In addition, they regrew the magical spice garden and restored the memory of magic of everyone who was affected by Jill's "forget magic spell". However, the recipe they used to restore everything used a Cedronian spice, which meant that Kelly would have to pay the price. The price was that Kelly ended up being poisoned and her perspectives were twisted, making her think that Hannah and Darbie would only be friends with her for the magic. As a result, Kelly tricked them into cooking a spell that would tie the book to the girls forever. Eventually, the girls manage to break this spell, but not without another downside. Becky ends up vanishing from thin air and in order to get her back, Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie have to pay the ultimate sacrifice of saying goodbye to the Cookbook forever.

After Kelly and the girls, the Cookbook moved to Bay City with Zoe Walters, Leo Sellitti, and Ish Gupta. The three of them follow clues to uncover the Sourd'Au Starter before Pierce Hamilton in order to destroy it. Once they obtain the Starter, they are unable to destroy it. However, with the help of Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie, they come up with the idea to bake it into a modified Sourd'Au recipe called Share a Pizza the Pie. This recipe ends up sharing the magic of the Cookbook with the rest of the world, likely ending Zoe, Leo, and Ish's protectorship of the book once and for all.


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