Hi! I am Lauren Grimm and I am 12 years old and I want to talk to you guys about something. I would like to change your mind about a common opinion spreading around this fandom website.

 Everyone on this website has probably said or at least thought 'I would love it if I could be a protector'. They believe that being a protector is awesome, magical and everything about it is amazing. But you probably don't know the reality of it. Please remember that I have no personal experience with being a protector but here is what I think:

   Remember how Chuck tried to trap Hannah in the book so he could free his sister Rose? And how Gina Silvers tried to turn the girls into stone? What about that time when Kelly,Hannah,and Darbie had to face their fears in a creepy forest? Do you remember the time where there was not a care in the world for the 3 Protectors? No, you don't because it didn't happen. There was always danger following them. Even at party's like in Just Add Surprise.

   Now do you see what I mean? As a protector you have to know that it is not all fun and games. There are serious mysteries and danger all around you and it is your job to protect yourself, your friends, the magic, and the world. You have to accept that being a protector could get you hurt, cursed or killed.

   Like I said earlier, I have no personal experience with being a protector, but I don't really want to either.

                        Lauren Grimm signing out.

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