The Wessons were two brothers, Folsom and Clint, who were protectors alongside Ian Maddox back in the 1800s.

History[edit | edit source]

When the Wesson brothers found gold in Saffron Falls, they became greedy and created a sourdough starter recipe to attract more and more gold. Soon, the Wessons became more and more powerful, and Ian Maddox stopped them by taking the starter and hiding it in the future. Pierce, Cody, and Lexi Hamilton are their descendants from 150 years in the future. They too have tried out the sourdough spell, and just like Ian Maddox's diary had said, caused great destruction. The starter caused the Hasberg Gold Mine to collapse and in the present day when the Hamiltons tried to use it, all batteries and electronics collapsed. Their descendants are Lexi, Peirce, and Cody but this time it will be Ish Zoe and Leo stopping them

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