I am aware that this is not a recipe or character but it is to do with Just add Magic.

  • "I'm Zach's boyfriend and I'm also an actress to. Lol,that boy is hilarious!" On Chuck Hankins (Weave?-Snatched,Hotel?:Trivago,Grammerly?-What is that?
  • "I went to Just add Magic world and picked up some spices and now I'm under the spell." On Chicken -N- Fixits The magic doesn't actully exist
  • "I'm a Protector." On a lot of pages.Read number two
  • "No,I'm his boyfriend and I have kissed him" Replying to number one on Chuck Hankins Still dumb

Also a lot of people are saying magic is real. In the famous words of Terri Quinn "Magic is all around us but not that kind of magic."

And in the famous words of Mama P "Some people are so dumb they will fall for anything."

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