Zoe Chua Sellitti is Erin Chua's daughter. She becomes a recurring character in Season 3, although she is mostly a side character. In the Season 3 finale, Zoe is shown to become the next protector of the Cookbook.

Appearance Edit

Zoe has dark brown medium-length hair. It's seen mostly straight with minimal waves towards the bottom. She has lightly tanned skin to compliment her round, dark brown eyes and rosy cheeks. In her first appearance, she is seen wearing a fluffy mulberry-colored sweater paired with light sand-washed jeans.

Personality Edit

Zoe comes off as a funny and charming character in her first appearance upon meeting Jake at Springtown Coffee. Jake recommends she try the food from his food bike rather than the food at Springtown, which she later does so.

Kelly and Darbie spot Zoe at their school one day signing up for the cross country team. Kelly decides to sign up as well in order to get closer to Zoe so she can discover her mom, Erin's malicious intent.

History Edit

Zoe moves around a lot with her mom who is always opening up a new Springtown Coffee in a small town, and shutting it down a couple of weeks later. For a short while, the two settle down in Saffron Falls until Erin gets engaged and they move again. While moving, Zoe discovers something glowing in one of the boxes. She goes to investigate and finds the Cookbook. Puzzled, she picks it up and wonders how it got in there. Then she sends the book back to Kelly thinking she accidentally brought it to Bay City. When she finds out she's a protector she cooks Make it hot dogs to try and save her mother's wedding.

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